1-6-8 Goken-cho, Mito-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 310-0063 Japan

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How to get to Art Tower Mito

Take limited express Super / Fresh Hitachi on the Joban Line from Ueno Station in Tokyo to Mito Station.
The ride takes around 1 hour. (¥4,090 usual, ¥4,290 holiday season)

From Mito Station, take bus for Daiku-machi from the terminal #4, #5, #6 or #7 at the north exit, and get off at Izumi-cho I-chome, the forth stop. (¥160)
*Mito Station (the north exit) --> Icho-zaka --> Minami-machi Ni-chome --> Minami-machi San-chome --> Izumi-cho I-chome

Highway Bus (Mito-go)
Take the Joban Express Bus leaving from the Yaesu south exit bus terminal #2 at Tokyo Station.
After riding the bus for approximately 100 minutes, get off at the Izumi-cho I-chome stop in Mito. (¥2,080)

Please use the pay parking lot in the basement floor of Art Tower Mito, entering through the east end on the north side of the main building. (¥100 for each 30 minutes)

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