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In Commemoration of Mito's 110th Anniversary as an Official City
Mito Annual '99 "PRIVATE ROOM II -- Photographs by a New Generation of Women in Japan"

With the aim of identifying and explicating the artistic trends of our age, the policy of ATM's Contemporary Art Gallery has been to highlight works of the most noted -- and noteworthy -- artists of today.
The Mito Annual series of exhibitions is planned and presented in the spirit of that theme.

The current "PRIVATE ROOM II" exhibition starts where the previous one -- "PRIVATE ROOM--The Everyday of Photographs," which focused on photographs taken in 1996 -- left off.

Introduced are the works of younger photographers born around the year 1970. Planned with the cooperation of Kotaro Iizawa, with his deep knowledge of current trends in the field, the exhibition explores the new directions that photography is taking us.

Venue: ATM Contemporary Art Gallery
Period: Saturday, April 3 to Sunday, June 6
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (no admission past 6:00 p.m.)
Closed: Mondays (except for May 3, which falls on a public holiday)
¥800 General
¥600 Advance-purchase tickets, groups (20 or more)
¥1,000 H.T.P.
(one-year High Teen Pass for 15- to 19-year-olds, available at ATM and JR East)
Free Students (through 9th grade), senior citizens (65 and older), and handicapped persons
Tickets: Available at JR East ticket counters (Midori-no-madoguchi), View Plaza, Art Tower Mito Ticket Counter
Organized by: Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Sponsored by: Shiseido, Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: EPSON HANBAI Co., Ltd., SOUM Corporation, Takeo, Co., Ltd., Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., SHASHINKOHSHA, ARTGRAPH
Planned by: Toshihiro Asai (curator, ATM Contemporary Art Center) and Kotaro Iizawa (photography critic)
Photographers: Jun Kanno, Satomi Shirai, Yurie Nagashima, Aiko Nakano, Mika Ninagawa, Rika Noguchi, Keiko Nomura, Mikiko Hara, Maki Miyashita, Kaori Yamamoto

Flow of Exhibition

Yurie Nagashima
b 1973, Tokyo
The "family" series of pictures taken of her family in a manner of snapshots. New monochrome works.

Image: "Kazoku (Family)"

Aiko Nakano
b 1968, Kanagawa
"The Day when They Are No Other Persons," new works that capture the "unpainted" faces of the three people of Cosmic Record, a spirited theatrical unit.

Image: "Nan-nan-natsu no nan-nan Life (Happy Summer Life)" 1997

Keiko Nomura
b 1970, Kobe
"A Dream from the Deep South," which captures old streets and people of Okinawa in clear colors.

Image: "A Dream from the Deep South" 1998

Mika Ninagawa
b 1972, Tokyo
Works that capture the scenery and life of the Isle of a Goddess, a small island in the Gulf of Mexico, in vivid coloration.

Rika Noguchi
b 1971, Saitama
Two series, "Fujiyama" and "Watching Birds." The former is images of Mt. Fuji, which was selected as a theme that stimulates Japanese people's nostalgia, and the latter depicts kites flying by the sea.

Image: "Moguru hito (Diver)" 1996

Satomi Shirai
b 1972, Tokyo
A new series of works produced at Nan Goldin's workshop in Akiyoshidai. Pictures @@@@ taken of the body of a dancer who participated in a dancing workshop at that time.

Image: Work 1998

Maki Miyashita
b 1975, Kagoshima
"Their Private Rooms and Underwear" reveals women's individuality. Pictures of women taken from this viewpoint.

Image: Work 1998

Kaori Yamamoto
b 1975, Hyogo
"Rooms of Love," a series of self-portraits acting different women in love hotels.

Image: "Ai no Heya (Rooms of Love)" 1997

Mikiko Hara
b 1967, Toyama
Snapshots of ordinary people who happened to pass by the artist in the streets and of scenes that swiftly passed away from sight.

Image: "Agnus Dei" 1998

New Works
"Shooting Mito"
Nakano, Nomura, Hara and Yamamoto

Views of Mito, photographed by Nakano, Nomura, Hara and Yamamoto.

Jun Kanno
b 1966, Fukushima
"Are we going to the desert?", a story told by snapshots of everyday casual scenes.

Image: "Are we going to the desert?"


1. "Display Your Photograph in the Workshop."
Visitors are free to attach their photographs to the wall of the workshop.
Period: Saturday, April 3 to Sunday, June 6.
Place: the workshop.
Fee: a valid admission ticket to the exhibition.

2. "Have a Talk with Mr. Iizawa and Ms. Shimao"
Date and hour: Sunday, May 16, from 14:00 (doors open at 13:30).
Place: the workshop. Seating capacity: to the first 80 arrivals.
Admission: a valid admission ticket to the exhibition.
Part 1 Kotaro Iizawa's Lecture
Part 2 A Joint Criticism: the critic Kotaro Iizawa and the cartoonist Maho Shimao comment on photographs for "Display Your Photograph in the Workshop."

Kotaro Iizawa: photography critic, born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1954. Graduated from the Department of Photography, the Faculty of Arts, Nippon University, in 1977. Completed the Doctor's Course in the Science of Arts, the Graduate School of the University of Tsukuba, in 1984. Chief editor of a quarterly of photography, déjà-vu, from 1990 to 1994.
Main books: "Artistic Photography" and Its Age (Chikuma Shobo, 1986), Photographers (Sakuhinsha, 1996), Shutter & Love (Infas, 1996).

Maho Shimao: cartoonist, born in Tokyo in 1978. Her parents are photographer Shinzo Shimao and Tokuko Shiota. Her grandfather is Toshio Shimao, a writer known for A Deadly Thorn. Matriculated in the Department of Art, the Faculty of Arts, Tama University of Arts, in 1997. When in the second year of senior high school, she drew A Senior High School Girl Goriko on the back of a handout. This became very popular with the school, and she made its covered four-volume copies. They were circulated among girls in Tokyo, causing a great sensation. They were published from Fusosha in 1997.

3. Talks by the Exhibiting Artists
1) Sunday, April 25: Kaori Yamamoto, "Rooms of Love."
2) Sunday, May 9: Aiko Nakano vs Cosmic Record, "The Day when They Are No Other Persons."
3) Sunday, May 23: Mika Ninagawa, "The Isle of a Goddess."
Hour: from 14:00 (Doors open at 13:30).
Place: the workshop. Seating capacity: to the first 80 arrivals.
Admission: a valid admission ticket to the exhibition.

Support programs

H.T.P. (High Teen Pass) One-year pass for 15- to 19-year-olds, giving free admission to exhibitions organized by the Contemporary Art Center for a year from the day of purchase. ¥1,000
Discount for groups of 20 or more people. ¥600
Free admission given to children (through 9th grade), senior citizens (65 or older) and to handicapped persons.

Weekend Gallery Talk by volunteers
Starting on April 10 (Sat), volunteer staff members will offer gallery talks on weekends during the exhibition. The talks begin at 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Meet at the entrance of the gallery. Talks may be suspended depending on the circumstances. Please make inquires in advance.

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