Concert Hall ATM

Concert Performances by Resident Groups

July 8 (Fri), 2011 / Ibaraki Prefecture Budokan

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) Concert for Children

Piano: Yu KOSUGE
In order to expose children to live performances and let them experience the thrill of hearing classical music, Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) annually holds concerts for fifth graders in Mito City as well as students of local schools for the visually impaired and for the disabled. Starting two years ago, the program has been expanded to include neighboring municipalities, with a total of around 3,000 children participating. The program allows children to experience the splendor of music, giving them explanations and lively introductions of various instruments. This year represents the eighth time that the MCO has carried out the children’s concerts, doing so in coordination with its 82nd Regular Concert, which features the up-and-coming pianist KOSUGE Yu (b. 1983).

Co-organizers: Mito City Board of Education, Genden Fureai Ibaraki Foundation

July 9-10 (Sat-Sun), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) 82nd Regular Concert

Piano: Yu KOSUGE
Program - J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C Major, BWV1066 - Haydn: Piano Concerto in D Major, Hob.XVIII-11 (Piano: Yu KOSUGE) - Schubert: Symphony No. 5 in B flat Major, D.485 Since the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) was created in 1990, it has successfully made three tours of Europe, building up a reputation abroad as one of the top chamber orchestras of Japan. The ensemble has always sought new challenges as it gives concerts, often performing without a conductor - one of its trademark styles. The 82nd Regular Concert features the brilliant young pianist Yu KOSUGE as soloist in the Haydn piano concerto. Her brilliant playing is certain to evoke a nimble, sensitive response from the seasoned players of the MCO, producing a rewarding performance replete with fresh sounds. Selected and supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as one of 2011's "Creativity Transmission Activities by Distinguished Theaters and Concert Halls."

July 10 (Sun), 2011 / Suntory Hall (Tokyo)

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) Charity Concert in TOKYO

Piano: Yu KOSUGE
MCO will give a charity concert in Tokyo in July as a symbol of the recovery of Mito City, its roots, having incurred damage from the giant March 11 earthquake. The charity concert will feature the same performing artists and program as The ticket revenue of this concert will be donated to the disaster-stricken areas of northeastern Japan.

December 17 (Sat), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

New "Davidsbündler", 2nd Concert

Program: Not yet fixed
Performing artists: Sayaka SHOJI (violin), Shunsuke SATOH (violin), Antoine TAMESTIT (viola/guest), Danjuro ISHIZUKA (violoncello), Yu KOSUGE (piano) This is the second concert by the newest resident ensemble of Art Tower Mito (ATM), the New “Davidsbündler,” which was just formed in 2010. Its linchpin of its membership is SHOJI Sayaka, a young violinist currently active on the world stage, who brought together some of her closest musician colleagues to form the group. A noteworthy point of the December concert is the guest appearance by one of the top violists in the world, Antoine TAMESTIT from France. As many as four days will be spent by the group in rehearsals - practically unheard of for a concert of this type - to render a polished performance of the highest quality. Selected and supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as one of 2011's "Creativity Transmission Activities by Distinguished Theaters and Concert Halls."

December 18 (Sun), 2011 / Aichi Prefecture Hekinan City Geijutsu Bunka Hall

New “Davidsbündler” Hekinan Concert

Program: Same as the December 17 concert above.

January 2012 (tentative) / Concert Hall ATM

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) 83rd Regular Concert

Conductor: Seiji OZAWA
Program: Not yet fixed Selected and supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as one of 2011's "Creativity Transmission Activities by Distinguished Theaters and Concert Halls."

January 2012 (tentative) / Tochigi Prefecture Ashikaga Civic Hall

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) 3rd Ashikaga Regular Concert

Conductor: Seiji OZAWA
Since 2009, the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) has been holding the annual Ashikaga Regular Concert in the city of Ashikaga in Tochigi Prefecture, which lies to the west of Ibaraki Prefecture, having received an invitation from the city’s government. The concert normally follows one of the regular concerts given at Art Tower Mito (ATM). This will be the third time the concert has been held there, and the performing artists and program will be the same as the MCO’s 83rd Regular Concert described above.

January 2012 (tentative) / Venue: Not yet fixed

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) Large-screen Concert

Since 2005, the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) has been broadcasting its regular concerts live on large screens set up in the city of Mito. Without requiring an admission fee, the broadcast affords listeners the sense of actually being at the concert hall thanks to the vivid images and the high-quality sound of the large screen. This is the eighth time that such a concert will have been held.

Organizer: Mito City, Mito Arts Foundation
Co-organizer: NHK Mito Broadcasting Station

Original Planning Concerts

April 29 (Fri), May 2 (Mon), 5 (Thu), 2011 / Sagawa Bunko Hall

Art Tower Mito (ATM) Charity Concerts in Support of Earthquake Recovery

"Restoring the light of art"
-Chamber music by master artists from ATM's resident ensembles- Many members of ATM's resident ensembles, understandably concerned about the damage to Mito and Art Tower Mito (ATM) from the March 11 earthquake disaster, have asked to perform charity concerts without remuneration. The first venue of such a concert was Sagawa Bunko Hall in Mito, one of the first places in the city to resume operation, and which kindly offered to host the concerts. The performing artists and audience joined forces at the charity concerts in wishing for an early recovery.

Performing artists:
(April 29)
Tomoko KATOH (violin), Mie KOBAYASHI (violin), Koichiro HARADA (viola), Hakuro MORI (violoncello),
Tomoki KITAMURA (piano)
(May 2)
Shizuka NAKAMURA (piano), Mazumi TANAMURA (viola), Ryosuke HORI (violoncello)
(May 5)
Yoshiko KAWAMOTO (viola), Mikiko YAMADA (violoncello), Hiroki KATOH (piano)

May 14 (Sat), 2011 / Gymnasium, Mito City General Athletic Park

Praying for the Recovery of Mito

- Concert by ATM Resident Ensemble Members and Young People from Mito -
In order to buoy the spirits of the citizens of Mito through the power of music after the March 11 earthquake, a free concert was given by performers and singers who frequently grace the stage at the Art Tower Mito (ATM), particularly members of its resident ensembles. They were joined by children and students enthusiastically engaged in musical activities in Mito.

Performing artists:
Takumi KUBOTA and Mie KOBAYASHI (violins), Shizuka NAKAMURA (violin, viola), Noboru KAMIMURA ,
Ryosuke HORI and Keiko MATSUNAMI (violoncellos), Taemi KOHAMA (soprano), Ryoichi SHIMIZU (baritone),
Yuka KOBAYASHI and Rikuya TERASHIMA (piano),
Mito Dai-Ni High School Chorus, Mito City Kasahara Elementary School Brass Band

Date not yet fixed / Concert Hall ATM

Auditions for 22nd Annual Concert of “Ibaraki no Meishu Meikashu-tachi”

(Master Musicians and Singers of Ibaraki)

Auditions will be held for the upcoming 22nd Annual Concert of Master Musicians and Singers of Ibaraki, the aim of which is to widely introduce to the public excellent performers who have some connection to Ibaraki Prefecture. Over the years, the concert - which has been held since the founding of Art Tower Mito (ATM) in 1990 - has produced quite a few performing artists who have gone on to active careers nationwide, and as such has come to be regarded as an important stepping stone for young performing artists in Japan. The concert focuses on different sections in alternate years, with this year's auditions featuring soloists in wind instruments, percussion, and voice, as well as instrumental ensembles (from two to five persons).

<Sold Out> August 21 (Sun), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Songs from the Ryukyu and Amami Islands Misako KOJA and Minami KIZUKI

The music and way of life of the Okinawan people, who live amidst their songs, cannot fail to touch the heart. At the upcoming concert, Misako KOJA Misako, a highly popular singer of Ryukyuan folksongs, will present everything from traditional folksongs to modern songs. Also performing is Minami KIZUKI, a young singer from the Amami Islands (north of the Ryukyu Islands). Come listen and compare the differences between the two types of folksongs.

Performing artists: Misako KOJA , Minami KIZUKI

August 27 (Sat), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Evacuation Drill Concert

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an earthquake happened during a concert? This concert will be premised on the scenario of a quake striking during the performance, with both the musicians and audience participating in the subsequent evacuation drills. Taking the lessons of the March 11 earthquake to heart, the concert aims to heighten the consciousness of Mito citizens toward disasters, with both the members of the audience and the ATM staff participating so as to let people feel more relieved in visiting the arts complex. Of course, you can enjoy musical performances in the concert as well.

October 12 (Wed), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Concert by Resident Ensemble Members in Support of Post-earthquake Recovery

Musicians belonging to the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) and other resident ensembles of Art Tower Mito (ATM), out of concern for the earthquake damage sustained by Mito, have expressed the desire to perform another concert without compensation, following the four concerts at Sagawa Bunko and Mito City General Athletic Park. This time, the post-earthquake recovery concert by the resident ensemble musicians will be held within the Art Tower Mito (ATM) complex.

Concert date not yet fixed / Concert Hall ATM

22nd Annual Concert of Master Musicians and Singers of Ibaraki

Performing artists, selected by audition (see above), will present a gala concert.

December 11 (Sun), 2011 / Art Tower Mito (ATM) Plaza

Beethoven's 9th Symphony Sung by 300 Musicians, 2011

At the end of each year, it has become a seasonal tradition for a giant chorus of 300 singers to perform Beethoven's 9th Symphony outdoors in the Art Tower Mito (ATM) Plaza. The chorus, mainly Mito citizens, starts rehearsing in October, with their voices resounding throughout the city of Mito in the ATM Plaza under the symbolic Art Tower that gives ATM its name. The concert, the initial planning for which began in 1999, will be held this year for the 11th time.

General Director: Ryosuke HATANAKA
Conductor: Yoshitomo SUZUKI

December 23 (Fri), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Christmas Present Concert 2011

An annual concert presented in cooperation with musicians active in Ibaraki Prefecture, with a program featuring traditional Christmas carols as well as others celebrating the holy night. Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols" is scheduled to be sung this year, to be performed by the Mito Dai-ni High School Chorus.

Planning, MC: Ryosuke HATANAKA

January 5 (Thu), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

New Year's Concert 2012

This popular New Year's event has become an annual tradition at Art Tower Mito (ATM), with an elaborate program prepared each time. The concert features master artists from ATM's resident ensembles, as well as illustrious guest performers.

March 3 (Sat), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Series, "The Music Surrounding Debussy"

(1) Debussy and French Classical Music   Performance and lecture by Momo KODAMA

The first in a series of concerts at Art Tower Mito (ATM) to focus on one of the chief French composers of the 19th and 20th centuries, Claude Debussy. Without knowing about this composer, chronologically positioned at an important turning point in Western music, one cannot gain a true understanding of modern and contemporary music. The aim of the series is to use performances and lectures to compare and contrast Debussy's music with the works of various composers related to him, in order to deepen that knowledge. For the concerts in the Debussy series, ATM welcomes Momo KODAMA, one of Japan's leading pianists. Based in Paris since first moving there in the 1970s, she especially comes into her own when performing Debussy and other French music. The first concert in the series will give the audience the pleasure of listening to keyboard works by two French classical composers deeply respected by Debussy - Jean-Philippe Rameau and Francois Couperin - as well as Debussy's Bergamasque Suite and Images No. 1.

Concerts by Invited Artists

<Canceled> September 23 (Fri, Autumnal Equinox holiday), 2011

Emmanuel PAHUD Flute Recital

Principal flautist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO) and renowned as one of world's top flute players, Emmanuel PAHUD makes his debut performance at Art Tower Mito (ATM) this September. Entitled "Opera Fantasy," the scheduled program of works presents PAHUD's glorious flute playing in the guise of being reborn as an operatic prima donna. Enjoy the music to your heart's content.

November 1 (Tue), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Mitsuko UCHIDA Piano Recital

One of the greatest Japanese pianists of today, Mitsuko UCHIDA will give a long-awaited solo recital at Art Tower Mito (ATM). In 2001, she gave a chamber music concert at ATM along with young musicians whom she had met at the Marlboro Music Festival. Since then, Mito audiences have longed for her to give a solo recital at ATM, and their wishes have finally been met. Uchida's program will include Schumann's Davidsbündler Suite, Op. 6, and Schubert's Piano Sonata in A Major, D.959.

Concerts by Musicians from Ibaraki Prefecture

A concert planned and performed by musicians based in Ibaraki Prefecture. Eight events are planned for this fiscal year.

November 23 (Wed), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Mito Urara Female Chorus

*Originally scheduled for March 27, this concert was canceled on account of the March 11 earthquake, and has been rescheduled to November 23.

November 27 (Sun), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

Hitomi OGAWA (piano)

February 11 (Sat), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Female Voice Ensemble Lotus

February 26 (Sun), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Ibaraki Fue-no-kai (flute ensemble)

March 11 (Sun), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Madoka FUJITA (piano)

March 18 (Sun), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Misato HANAWA (saxophone)

March 25 (Sun), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Duo Reflet (2 pianos)

Performance times being finalized / Concert Hall ATM

Haruka OGAWA (piano)

Originally scheduled for March 13, 2011, the concert was postponed on account of the earthquake.

Educational Activities

Held year-round (once or twice monthly)

Organ Tour for Young Children

An enjoyable educational tour about Art Tower Mito's (ATM's) pipe organ, aimed at preschoolers and kindergarteners living in Mito. During the tour they get the chance to familiarize themselves with the organ by touching its pipes and keyboard, making sounds with the organ as they do so. They also enjoy organ performances as well as listen to organ-accompanied choral works.
Note: The earthquake disaster of March 11 caused great damage to the ATM Entrance Hall organ, sending several large pipes crashing several meters to the floor below. Much time will be needed to repair the organ before it can be restored to its original condition. Accordingly, the tour will be held in the Concert Hall ATM for the time being using a smaller, movable organ.

Held year-round (once or twice monthly) / Entrance Hall

Organ Promenade Concert

Free 20-minute organ concerts are given in the ATM Entrance Hall at noontime on weekends. The pipe organ, installed in a giant hall reminiscent of European churches, boasts a total of 3,283 pipes, making it one of the largest organs ever built in Japan. The concerts have been given since ATM opened to let people enjoy the sounds of the organ in an informal way. Note: Because of the heavy damage sustained by the pipe organ in the March 11 earthquake, the promenade concerts will restart once repairs have been made.

December 3 (Sat), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

'11 ATMSF (Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy)
Mito City Elementary and Junior High Schools ATM Concert 2011

A concert featuring bands, instrumental ensembles, and choruses from elementary and junior high schools located in Mito City. Come hear the results of many hours of practicing by these youngsters.

Co-organizer: ATMSF Planning Committee

February 19 (Sun), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

Choral Seminar 2012

A seminar designed for local lovers of choral singing. The half-day program features lectures by top-flight teachers and a rehearsal of compulsory works.

Ibaraki Prefecture Choral Federation, Music Division of the Ibaraki Prefecture High School Education Research Group

February 8-10 (Wed-Fri), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

19th Young People's Concert

A concert program giving junior high school students the chance to familiarize themselves with music, featuring performances and explanations by members of the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) et al. Every year around 2,500 7th-graders from Mito participate.

Co-organizer: Mito City Board of Education

Afternoon Concert Series

This popular series of short noontime concerts is especially good for people who might find it difficult to attend other concerts scheduled on weekends and at night. The programs of the concerts, which start shortly after noon and last one hour, highlight the attractiveness of classical music in condensed form.

September 22 (Thu), 2011 / Concert Hall ATM

(1) Afternoon Concert Series with Yoshiko KAWAMOTO (viola)

One of Japan's leading violists, Yoshiko KAWAMOTO has appeared at Art Tower Mito (ATM) for many years as a main member of the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO). This time, she is pleased to present an afternoon concert to her Mito fans. In the orchestra, violas, positioned in the middle register, primarily have the thankless job of providing harmony to melodies played by other instruments. In fact, however, violas produce a sonorous sound that differs markedly from that of other string instruments. You will have a chance to fully appreciate the warm sound of the viola in this concert, with KAWAMOTO accompanied by Yuko MIFUNE, a Japanese pianist active on the international stage since the 1980s.

Performing artists: Yoshiko KAWAMOTO (viola), Yuko MIFUNE (piano)

October 22 (Sat) / Concert Hall ATM

(2) Afternoon Concert Series with Daisuke SUZUKI (guitar)

Hailed by the famous Japanese composer Toru TAKEMITSU as a "guitarist the likes of whom I have never heard before," Daisuke SUZUKI has placed in many international competitions, including third prize at the Maria Canals International Competition in Barcelona, and the Allesandria International Guitar Competition in Italy. ATM welcomes this magnificent guitarist, who, in the one-hour concert, will present guitar works spanning many eras, from baroque to modern. He will be joined by another guitarist as a guest performer, the talented young Shunsuke MATSUO, for duets of famous movie theme music.

February 10 (Fri), 2012 / Concert Hall ATM

(3) Afternoon Concert Series with Tomoko KATOH (violin)

A concert repeating the program of the 19th Music Appreciation Day for Junior High School Students, presented to Mito 7th graders at the ATM Concert Hall. Tomoko KATOH, a member of the ATM ensemble, will lead the performance.

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