Plan of Activities Scheduled for Fiscal 2011 Mito Arts Foundation

The business plan of the Mito Arts Foundation for fiscal 2011 is grounded in five basic management principles: (1) create new artistic culture, (2) carry out artistic and cultural exchanges from an international viewpoint, (3) have fun while thinking about art, (4) serve as a base for citizens' artistic and cultural activities, and (5) contribute to the revitalization of Mito City. In the attempt to create and promote artistic culture, and with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the culture experienced by Mito citizens, the Mito Arts Foundation will carry out a broad range of activities at Art Tower Mito (ATM) in the three fields of music, drama, and contemporary art in an efficient and effective manner..

The professional staff of the music division at ATM plans and designs a wide range of interesting programs from a distinctive perspective. Those include regular concerts by two in-house ensembles, the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) and the New “Davidsbündler” Quartet, and scheduled concerts given by renowned musicians both from Japan and overseas, as well as those by local musicians. In addition, the music division continues to offer educational activities, such as Music Appreciation Day for Junior High School Students, the Choral Seminar, and the Pipe Organ Tour for Young Children, as well as the showing MCO’s regular concerts on a large screen outdoors. Those activities are all designed to provide opportunities to help people better familiarize themselves with the appeal of music.

The drama division at ATM, meanwhile, organizes a broad range of dramatic offerings, with scheduled performances of new productions by the in-house dramatic troupe, the Acting Company Mito (ACM), along with performances by young playwrights and those featuring famous actors and actresses, including those from the worlds of rakugo and kyogen, both traditional Japanese performance styles. In order to deepen the level of public interest in drama, helping people go beyond a passive appreciation of drama and actually experience acting and stage production on their own, this division also arranges such educational activities as Dramatic Performances for Grade Schoolers by ACM members, the Mito Citizens’ Theater School, and the Mito Children’s Theater Academy.

Lastly, the contemporary art division at ATM has currently organized four exhibitions to promote the appeal of contemporary art: “Quiet Attentions: Departure from Women” (unfortunately canceled after the March 11 earthquake); “Please Participate,” an exhibition of moving objects by the Danish artist, Jeppe HEIN (originally scheduled for July to November, but canceled because of the earthquake); “Bijosaishu” exhibition of works by Asami KIYOKAWA, a young female artist from Japan who produces a colorful diversity of art objects, including photographs (scheduled for November 2011 to January 2012); and Gerda STEINER and Jörg LENZLINGER Exhibition, introducing two up-and-coming Swiss contemporary artists (scheduled for February to May 2012). The contemporary art division also organizes educational activities such as the High School Students' Weeks and the Art Education

Programs in order to strengthen its coordination with local schools and community groups.

In that way, during the current fiscal year as well, the Mito Arts Foundation builds on its earlier successes to provide opportunities for visitors to appreciate superior artistic works, as well as designing various exciting educational activities for children to take part in. Besides those, the Foundation organizes opportunities for local citizens active in a wide variety of creative areas to perform and display their works, while also enabling many kinds of events to be held that take advantage of the expansive ATM Plaza. By enhancing its Tomo-no-kai membership program and reinforcing its public relations efforts, the Foundation aims to increase citizen participation in and deepen their understanding of its activities, endeavoring to gain further support from them.

The last several years have seen a worsening of the general economic situation in Japan, creating an even stricter operational environment for artistic and cultural activities. Amidst that situation, the Mito Arts Foundation has striven to link and cooperate more closely with local governments, companies, groups, and related institutions, while stepping up its requests for support and financial grants. To broaden the awareness of the activities of ATM, the Foundation will boost the number of performances, etc. taking place outside the main complex in other venues, in an effort to build up its reputation further.

Through such activities, the Mito Arts Foundation will strive to receive accreditation during the current fiscal year as a public-service corporation under the new public-service corporation law in Japan, aiming to enhance and reinforce its operations as the designated body managing ATM.

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