Special Report: ATM Dance Company
From Art Tower Mito "NEWS Vol. 34," Summer, 1998

The first co-produced work by the choreographer Hervé Robbe and Art Tower Mito, "V.O.," was updated from its 1996 Japanese-French version and performed as the Japanese-French-U.S. version in 1997 in four cities -- two in Japan (Mito and Sapporo) and two in France (Brest and Paris).
Just as this work can be viewed as the first fruit successfully "transmitted" from ATM, another seed born from the same fruit is the ATM Dance Company, the new dance troupe attached to ACM Theatre.

The ATM Dance Company is composed of three of the Japanese performers who had participated in "V.O." They live in Mito, just like the members of the Gekidan ACM (Acting Company Mito), and are involved in producing contemporary dance works with ATM as their base of activities.

It takes time for a seed to grow the point where it flowers, grows, forms a stalk and grows branches. Sometimes the growth stops despite the budding of the flower or the formation of fruit, and even when the flower is fully blooming. For a dance troupe, the performance can be said to be the flower or the fruit. But that is not a goal in itself, but just the beginning of a new stage.
Please follow the progress of both Gekidan ACM and the ATM Dance Company in the future, keeping watch over them.

The fact that the creators of the performances -- namely, the dance company members -- are attached to the theater means that it is possible to open a local dance school for Mito citizens, known as the Mito Citizens' Dance Academy. Two classes are currently being taught, each with two lessons a week, with ATM Dance company members serving as the teachers.
The students of the school will put on their first graduation performance in July, along with the students of the Mito Children's Theatre Academy, the other citizens' school attached to ACM Theatre.
Please contact the ACM Theatre at (029) 227-8123 for further details.

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