Quiet Attentions: Departure from Women

Your life is the way your attention has been formed, and deformed. The formation of attention is the true definition of education, and of culture itself. You can always do better. What enlarges and refines your attention is the courtesy you extend to what is different. Be eager to receive new stimuli, and to be challenged. (From the preface of "Protect the Territory of Conscience" by Susan Sontag, 2004)

In this fast changing society, the art of women is more diversified than ever. "Wack! Art and the Feminism Revolution" held at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in 2007 and "Femmes @ Pompidou" at the Pompidou Center in Paris in 2009-2010 are some of the exhibitions that reexamine the relationship between women and art since the year 2000. Continuing in that frame of reference, our upcoming exhibition introduces the presently progressive form of new and recent installations and three-dimensional works of an up and coming generation of 14 artists from 9 different countries. Among them include artists from Korea, Brazil and India, where contemporary art has become more widely recognized in recent years. The works include various mediums such as photography and video installations, sound and three-dimensional installations, and drawings.

The participating artists will conceive the works based on the perception of sound and ambience, gesture, memory, passage of time, the laws of the world and the social mechanism that go by unnoticed in our daily life. The artworks that are created from quietly paying attention to the inconspicuous, function as an "open space" for dialogue and communication with others, instead of being a "self-contained domain." We invite people to rediscover polyphonic beauties that exist within everyday experiences if we just focus our eyes and ears. This exhibition will attempt to update the relationship between women and art.

During the exhibition, we will welcome a novelist, architect, activist and a food coordinator to hold various performances, events and workshops.


Yuki Kimura+Jutta Koether+Ei Arakawa, Kanghyun Ahn, Laura Belém, Fumiko Kobayashi, Sachiko M, Midori Mitamura, Hwayeon Nam, Susan Philipsz, Ranjani Shettar, Nobuko Tsuchiya, Su-Mei Tse, Tatiana Trouvé


Yuki Kimura+Jutta Koether+Ei Arakawa
[Yuki Kimura: Born and lives in Kyoto, Jutta Koether: Born in Köln, lives in Berlin, Ei Arakawa: Born in Fukushima, lives in New York]
Kimura, who creates installations using photography to question the way we perceive images, Koether, an active painter, musician and critic, and Arakawa, who works mainly through performance will work together to present an installation using photography, words and printed media. A performance will be held in the exhibition space.

Kanghyun Ahn
[Born and lives in Seoul]
Ahn has shown performances based on traditional dresses and dances of different cultures and introspective visual works that question identity. For the first time in this exhibition, she will exhibit a participatory, playground style large-scale installation. In 2004, she was included in the prestigious "Bloomberg New Contemporaries."

Laura Belém
[Born and lives in Belo Horizonte area, Brazil]
Belém creates site-specific poetic installations based on the history of land and architecture of the site where the exhibition will be held using various mediums of sound, video and photography. She has participated in the 51st Venice Biennnale in 2005 and her work is included in the 2008 exhibition "Florescendo – Brasil-Japão O seu lugar" at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in Japan. She will present a new installation inspired by the pipe organ located in the entrance hall in the Art Tower Mito.

Fumiko Kobayashi
[Born and lives in Tokyo]
Kobayashi works with discarded materials collected where she will exhibit her work combined with daily necessities that she posses. She continues to create installations and three-dimensional works derived from her perceived relationships between different places in and out of Japan. New work will be displayed using bicycle parts that were left behind in Mito city.

Sachiko M
[Born and lives in Tokyo]
A distinguished musician, Sachiko M has been performing sine wave around the world. She has presented an installation called a series of "I’m here" since 2004. Her sound that makes us aware of the echoes and white noise that surround us daily provides with criticism about the definition of "music" or "performance."
For the exhibition the artist will create a sound environment in the gallery and make sound installation at specified dates.

Midori Mitamura
[Born in Aichi prefecture, lives in Tokyo]
Mitamura is recognized for creating installations by combining photos and videos, found photos and miscellaneous goods that she finds while traveling. Mitamura produces installations in museums and galleries internationally, as an open, narrative space and "a participatory drama." She will present new installations using photography and video.

Hwayeon Nam
[Born in Seoul, lives in Berlin]
By focusing on the regularity of military code names and molecular structures, Nam presents works that shift the absoluteness of regulations and symbolize characteristics of codes. Apart from exhibiting installations, video works and drawings, she takes on commissioned video work for H-BOX, Hermès, and produces various performances. Her current exhibition consists of wall paintings of molecular structural motifs.

Susan Philipsz
[Born in Glasgow, lives in Berlin]
Philipsz has been creating site-specific sound installations in public spaces using her own voice. She is one of the most notable artists who has participated in the Muenster Sculpture Project in 2007 and a winner of the Turner Award in 2010. Philipsz will install her work outside overlooking the plaza of Art Tower Mito.

Ranjani Shettar
[Born and lives in Bangalore, India]
Using handcrafted techniques and natural materials of lacquer and dyes made from plant seeds and beeswax, Shettar displays installations that immerse the viewers in her work through intricate forms of three-dimensional shapes. She has participated in the Lion Biennale in 2007 as well as the Carnegie International in 2008 and had one-man exhibitions at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and ICA Boston. This will be her first exhibit in Japan.

Nobuko Tsuchiya
[Born and lives in Kanagawa Prefecture]
Tsuchiya's assemblages of three-dimensional work are composed of assorted materials compiled from various places. The space where organic and inorganic matter coexists manifests a definition-defying world of nostalgia and futurism. She has participated in large-scale international exhibitions such as the 50th Venice Biennnale in 2003 and the "Unmonumental: Object in the 21st century" at the New Museum in New York in 2007. This will be her first exhibition in public museum in Japan with new works.

Su-Mei Tse
[Born in Luxembourg, lives in Luxembourg and Berlin]
Tse was born to an English pianist mother and a Chinese violinist father. An accomplished cellist herself, her work investigates multi identity and ideas relating to sounds. In 2003, Tse represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennnale where she was awarded the Golden Lion. Her solo exhibition was held at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito in 2009. Her exhibited works explore motifs of time and sound.

Tatiana Trouvé
[Born in Cosenza, Italy, lives in Paris]
Trouvé mainly produces three-dimensional and architectural installations using such eclectic mediums as architectural materials, gym equipment, and office cabinets. She has also exhibited drawings that showcase distorted dimensions that merge outdoor and indoor spaces. She has won the Marcel Duchamp Award in 2007 and participated in the Aichi Triennnale in 2010. Her drawings and three-dimensional works will be exhibited in the exhibition.


Main Venue: Art Tower Mito + Contemporary Art Gallery
Dates: Saturday, February 12, 2011 - Sunday, May 8, 2011
Closed on Mondays (except public holiday March 21) and March 22
Opening Hours: 9:30-18:00 (no admittance after 17:30)

Admission: ¥800 General, ¥600 Advance purchase/Groups of more than 20 people
Free Children through junior high school (9th grade), Seniors 65 and older, People with certified disabilities (along with one attendant each)
One-year passes: ¥1,000 High Teen Pass "H.T.P." for youth aged 15-19, ¥2,500 Adult Pass for people aged 20-64

Organized by: Mito Arts Foundation
Supported by: Ambassade de France, Embassy of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Grants from: The Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Asahi Beer Arts Foundation
Sponsored by: SHISEIDO Co.,Ltd
In cooperation with: Asahi Breweries,Ltd., Cargolux Airlines International, Kashima Corporation

Curator: Mizuki Takahashi (Curator, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)