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44th Mito City Art Festival
Art Exhibitions Part 1

June 9, 2013, to June 21, 2013

Part 1: Japanese-style Paintings, Western Paintings, Sculpture, Crafts

Exhibitors: Selected from submissions by Mito City residents

A two-stage exhibition of works created by Mito residents, spanning a broad range of genres, including Japanese-style paintings (nihonga), Western paintings, sculpture, crafts, calligraphy, photography, design and installations. The best works from among those submitted by city residents will be displayed.


Ikebana Exhibition

May 31, 2013, to June 2, 2013

Participating Ikebana schools (listed alphabetically): Ikenobo, Kagei-Adachi-ryu, Kinjo Koryu, Koryu Shoohkai, Koryu Shoutoukai, Kozan-ryu, Ohara School, Ryusei-ha, Sogetsu-ryu

The nine different schools of Ikebana will make use of the display space in the Contemporary Art Gallery, exhibiting bold, individualistic flower arrangements in each of the display rooms in a way that turns traditional ideas of ikebana on their head.


Centre Pompidou-Metz
©Didier Boy de la Tour

Shigeru Ban – Architecture and Humanitarian Activities

March 2, 2013, to May 12, 2013

This is the first full scale Exhibition of one of the most important Japanese architects, Shigeru Ban.
It showcases his work and activity inclusively.



Tadasu Takamine’s Cool Japan

December 22, 2012, to February 17, 2013

Tadasu Takamine is known for a body of work that brims with both humor and a keen sense of criticality in relation to the systems of oppression and control concealed within contemporary society.
The “Cool Japan” in the title of the exhibition is a catchphrase devised by the Japanese government. It is a self-branding exercise that encapsulates its active attempts to promote various forms of Japanese culture to an international audience. Takamine uses the catchphrase in ironical way to search for what has built “Japaneseness”.
For this exhibition, Takamine will showcase installations in each of the galleries that draw our attention to words, slogans and images that the Japanese have unconsciously promoted, disseminated, and deployed in an oppressive way from the postwar period up until the present. These newly commissioned interactive works will offer visitors a taste of Takamine’s vision of a “Cool Japan”.



Artists and the Disaster - Documentation in Progress -

October 13, 2012, to December 9, 2012

This is an exhibition that introduces various activities and artworks made by Japanese artists in response to the devastating disaster of the earthquake that hit the east regions of Japan in March 2011.



Installation view at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito  Photo:Yuzuru Nemoto

Eiji Mitooka
Railway Design

from Ekiben to Shinkansen

July 7, 2012, to September 30, 2012

This exhibition of Eiji Mitooka, a designer mainly works for Kyushu Railway Company, features the diverse creation of his 25 years history with idea sketches, posters, chairs, desks and model vehicles.
The exhibition is especially designed to encourage children to get interested in public design. It is structured for visitors to explore a journey around the world of design.



Installation view at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger 
Photo:Keizo Kioku

Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger -Power Sources

February 11, 2012, to May 6, 2012

This exhibition is the largest exhibition in the history of the Swiss contemporary artists Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger, known for the series of dynamic site specific installations.
Since 1997, Gerda and Jorg have been working together and presented wide range of works including installation, collage, photograph, painting and sculpture. Among them, site specific installation, which is created in accordance to the specific space, is well known. It often reveals the invisible and unknown cultural significance of the exhibiting site by the artists actually living there and communicating with local people during the creating process.



"Four Places-01"
Model: Yoko Maki

Asami Kiyokawa -- Bijo Saishu

November 3, 2011, to January 22, 2012

Asami Kiyokawa, an artist actively playing part in wide-ranging activities from art direction to production of artworks, gives a large-scale solo exhibition. Including her original works making good use of her handiwork, using thread and cloth as materials and photographs with embroidery, she has created quality works in different fields---clothing, space design, video, advertisement, illustration, etc. Along with her new series on the theme of extinct and endangered species, her new large-scale piece specially produced for this exhibition is on display.



CAFE in Mito 2011
-- Relationships in Color

July 30, 2011, to October 16, 2011

CAFE in "CAFE in Mito," which started in 2002, stands for the initials of "Communicable Action for Everybody." With the objective to encourage many citizens to have interest in art and consequently help the city be revitalized, this project has presented various programs, introducing artworks in which visitors can participate, outdoor installations, and interactive events.



Tatiana Trouve
“Untitled”2007 “Untitled-from the series "Intranquillity"”2006-09 Installation view at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito  Photo:Yoko Hosokawa

Quiet Attentions : Departure from Women

February 12, 2011, to May 8, 2011

In this fast changing society, the art of women is more diversified than ever. This exhibition will attempt to update the relationship between women and art.


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