(color of the air)

July 27, 2013, to October 27, 2013

Installation view at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito  Photo:Yamamoto Keita

As a graduate student at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, SOYA ASAE leaped into the spotlight with her paintings depicting casual everyday scenes and her personal things such as a bathtub full of soft light. In recent years, her activities have extended to the areas of installations and public art. Her artworks enfolding gentle all-encompassing light and colors as well as dynamic forms continue to fascinate viewers. In this exhibition, while her masterpieces, new paintings and installations are displayed, she faces challenges of showing her works on the street and making a video installation that utilizes the gallery space the best. Her new sphere of creation is showcased.

Photo by:Kasagi Yasuyuki


SOYA ASAE received a Ph.D. in Art from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2006. She won Grand Prize at “The 6th Exhibition of Showa Shell Sekiyu Contemporary Art Prize” in 2001, VOCA Prize at “The Vision of Contemporary Art 2002” and many other prizes. Her activities range from paintings, installations to videos, being not limited to any genre. Her solo exhibitions include “Prism” at Nishimura Gallery in ’07, “Ringing” at Shiseido Gallery in ’10, “Float” at Nishimura Gallery and “Swim” at The Obuse Museum in ’11. She has participated in group exhibitions at Fuchu Art Museum, Art Tower Mito, Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Nagano, PYO Gallery Beijing, and many others.

●SOYA ASAE website

“sora” 2013 Collection of the Artist
*Originals for the video

“sora” (Image Photo) 2013 Photo by Suzaki Kazushi
*Video projection experiments with models

*Video projection experiments at ontemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito

“Bathtub” 2001 Collection of The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

“The Light 3” 2009 Private Collection

“Ringing” 2010 Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
Photo by Taguchi Hiroshi

“Ringing Light” 2011 Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Photo by Yamamoto Keita

“Ringing Light” 2011 Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Photo by Yamamoto Keita





Contemporary Art Gallery



Open Hours

9:30-18:00 (no admittance after 17:30)


On Mondays (except public holidays September 16, 23, and October 14), closed on September 17, 24, and October 15


800yen (600yen for advance ticket and group of more than 20 people)
Free of charge for children under 9th grade, seniors over 65, the disabled and one accompanying attendant
[One-year Pass]
1000yen: High Teen Pass "H.T.P." for youth between the age of 15 and 19
2500yen: Adult Pass for those aged 20 and over

Organized by

Mito Arts Foundation

Grants from

Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

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Support from

ADACHI CORPORATION, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.,
Avery Dennison Japan Materials Company Ltd. , bonny colart co., ltd.,
Silk Road Technology INC., SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center ,
square meter Inc., Stance Company Ltd., TAJIMA TECHNICA CO,
The Department of Animation of the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts Yuichi ITO Laboratory,
Rendez-vous Project Yokohama Committee, ZORUHARA INC.,
Hiroshi Taguchi, Kanae Hagiwara, Naoki Kawamoto, Nobutaka Yamaoka,
Toshiji Imai

Curated by

Toshihiro Asai (Artistic Director, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)

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Related program
SOYA ASAE “sora iro” (color of the air)

Gallery Concert “Swimmy”

August 24 (Sat.), 2013, to August 24 (Sat.), 2013

The program is “Swimmy for Reading and Piano” performed by the members of ACM (Acting Company Mito) in the exhibition space full of SOYA ASAE’s gentle, pellucid works. Up-and-coming composer Ippo Tsuboi wrote the music based on the masterpiece picture book “Swimmy.”

Date:Saturday, August 24, 12:00- / 13:30- (about 30min. each time)
Venue:Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Reading by:Matomo Ouchi (Acting Company Mito)
Piano by:Kaoru Kashiwagi
Original:Leo Lionni “Swimmy”
Composed by:Ippo Tsuboi
Directed by:Ritsuo Toshima (Acting Company Mito)
Information:Art Tower Mito Concert Hall, ATM Production Section Tel.029-227-8118
※The contents of the performance and performers may be subject to change.
Fee is included in the exhibition admission. (Reservation not required.)

Related program
SOYA ASAE “sora iro” (color of the air)

Curator Talk

September 28 (Sat.), 2013, to September 28 (Sat.), 2013

Toshihiro Asai, the artistic director of the exhibition, will talk about the exhibition.
Reservations not required. Meet at the entrance of the Contemporary Art Gallery.

Date:Saturday, September 28, 14:00-15:00
Venue:Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito

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SOYA ASAE “sora iro” (color of the air)

Pre-school Program

September 11 (Wed.), 2013, to September 20 (Fri.), 2013

This project is a combined program of appreciation of the exhibition and production workshop designed for senior-class children of kindergartens and nursery schools in Mito City. For more information, please contact the office.

Dates:Sep. 11 (Wed.), 12 (Thu.), 13 (Fri.), 18 (Wed.), 19 (Thu.) and 20 (Fri.)
*Applications are based on a pre-school as a unit.

SOYA ASAE “sora iro” (color of the air)

Weekend Gallery Talk

August 17 (Sat.), 2013, to October 27 (Sun.), 2013

CAC (Contemporary Art Center) gallery volunteer talkers will lead visitors to explore the exhibition together.

Dates:Saturdays and Sundays between August 17 and October 27
Starts at 14:30 (Gallery talk lasts approximately 40 minutes.)
Fee:Free (included in the admission, reservation unnecessary)
Meeting place:The gallery entrance

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