Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition “Neighborhood Globe”

August 2, 2014, to October 19, 2014

Balloon Being 2014

Since his video installation “Perspective of the Globe Jungle” which was broadcast in NHK “Digital Stadium” in 2001 won the award of excellence, Yasuhiro Suzuki has been playing an active part in various fields including exhibition and design. “Blinking Leaves” presented in 2003, in which leaf-shaped pieces of paper with the image of an open eye and a closed eye on the back blown upwards and whirled downwards by the wind look like blinking eyes, enjoyed great popularity at not only museums but also many public spaces. In 2009, “Constellation of Departure” presented in the project “Air Harbor” at Haneda Airport for which he worked as art director won a good design award. At Setouchi Triennale in 2010, his “Ship of the Zipper” in which the wake from a motorboat is likened to a giant zip attracted attention. At an exhibition held next year at Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art, he introduced a project called “Flip Book Manga Shopping Streets” at the shopping arcade and the municipal office. As the place of his activities is not limited to art museums, he is intentionally working for site-specific public spaces.
This time, “Neighborhood Globe” is a themed exhibition composed of Yasuhiro Suzuki’s most important works and his new pieces. In addition, the project “Flip Book Manga Shopping Streets in Mito” is conducted to represent the streets of Mito in a new perspective.
“Neighborhood Globe” is another name for his “Perspective of the Globe Jungle,” one of the works representing him, and it also indicates his basic philosophy of production: the idea of being a part of the earth (the bigger whole) while remaining close to our neighborhood.
He creates stylish works with his acute sensitivity and in a new context, dealing with a natural phenomenon or what is likely to be overlooked in our daily life. He shows us how familiar and surprising the earth can be, whose existence we are seldom conscious of, although it is so close to us.

Photo:Masako Nakagawa

Yasuhiro Suzuki Profile

1979 Born in Shizuoka.
2001 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University.
Using unexpected everyday discovery as a motif, he produces works, which remind us of our memories and arouse our empathy. Besides taking part in exhibitions held at home and abroad, he tackles actively public space projects and collaborations with companies and university research institutions. His books include a collection of his works “Blinking and Flapping” (Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.), “Digital Public Art in HANEDA AIRPORT: Air Harbor”(a collaboration work/Bijutu-shuppan-sha Co. Ltd.,).
Full-time teacher at Musashino Art University (Department of Scenography, Space and Fashion Design). Working in Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Nakamura Laboratory Cooperative Researcher.

●Suzuki Yasuhiro website

Ship of the Zipper 2010

Blinking Leaves 2003
photo:Katsuhiro Ichikawa
Courtesy of SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center

Inter-Reflection 2001

Oversize Aerial Being 2009

Compass of Japanese Islands 2011

Pencil to Draw the Sea Horizon 2002



Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition “Neighborhood Globe”


Contemporary Art Gallery



Open Hours

9:30-18:00 (no admittance after 17:30)


On Mondays (except public holidays September 15,and October 13), closed on September 16,and October 14


800yen (600yen for advance ticket and group of more than 20 people)
Free of charge for children under 9th grade, seniors over 65, the disabled and one accompanying attendant
[One-year Pass]
1000yen: High Teen Pass "H.T.P." for youth between the age of 15 and 19
2500yen: Adult Pass for those aged 20 and over

Organized by

Mito Arts Foundation

Grants from

Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

Support from

Art Planning Rey Inc.,Asahi Breweries, Ltd.,USHIO LIGHTING,INC.,Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated,Goto Kougei Inc.,DN LIGHTING CO.,LTD.,Institute of Industrial Science,the University of Tokyo(Trial manufacture factory),The University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (field of human support engineering),Hirose Tanikawa Laboratory,the University of Tokyo,TOSHIBA LIGHTING & TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION,TOYOBO CO., LTD.,Toshisaku Inc.,TRUST SYSTEM,NAKAMURA MFG. CO., LTD.,FUKUNAGA PRINT Co.,Ltd.,Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Mediaturge Inc.

Exhibition hall composition


Lighting design

Plus y

Curated by

Toshihiro Asai (Artistic Director, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)

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Related program

Yasuhiro Suzuki will talk about the exhibition.

September 20 (Sat.), 2014, to September 20 (Sat.), 2014

Yasuhiro Suzuki will talk about the exhibition.
Date: Saturday, September 20,14:00-15:30
Venue: Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Fee: Free (included in the admission, reservation unnecessary)
*Meet at the entrance of the Contemporary Art Gallery

Related program

Karoku Yanagiya × Yasuhiro Suzuki Gallery Talk “Omitate”

August 12 (Tue.), 2014

A gallery tour is conducted with traditional comic storyteller Karoku Yanagiya as a special guest, artist Yasuhiro Suguki and a curator in charge of this exhibition.
Date: Tuesday, August 12, 14:00-15:30
Venue: Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Fee: Free (included in the admission, reservation unnecessary)
*Meet at the entrance of the Contemporary Art Gallery

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Activity to invigorate downtown Mito

“Flip Book Manga Shopping Streets in Mito”

August 8 (Fri.), 2014, to October 19 (Sun.), 2014

Having walked around the central city area of Mito to find interesting buildings and objects, Yasuhiro Suzuki turns them into his “flip book manga” for the display at stores in the area.
*Note: It is scheduled that “Flip Book Manga” is performed at “Yasuhiro Suzuki’s lab of mitate (likening)” exhibition to be held from Saturday, September 13 to Monday, November 24 at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Contact Details: Tel. 076-220-2800(21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Dates:August to October
Venues:Various sites in Mito City, as well as Art Tower Mito
Organizers:Mito Arts Foundation
Cooperation:Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry,local retail stores and dining facilities, etc.

Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition “Neighborhood Globe”

Weekend Gallery Talk

August 16 (Sat.), 2014, to October 19 (Sun.), 2014

CAC (Contemporary Art Center) gallery volunteer talkers will lead visitors to explore the exhibition together.

Dates:Saturdays and Sundays between August 16 and October 19
Starts at 14:30 (Gallery talk lasts approximately 40 minutes.)
Fee:Free (included in the admission, reservation unnecessary)
Meeting place:The gallery entrance

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