CAFE in Mito R

August 1, 2015, to October 18, 2015

Art Tower Mito Contemporary Art Center is pleased to present the exhibition “CAFE in Mito R” from August to October 2015.
This is the fifth “CAFE in Mito” and this time the key letter is “R.” There are many words which begin in R, such as revive, recollection, renewable energy. Inside the gallery, nine artists and units selected by our curators based on the key letter “R” exhibit their artworks.
 Outside the gallery, we invite Katsuhiko Hibino as project director to implement the project “Re MITO 100.” Focusing on various local “cultures” known to only a limited number of Mito residents, we produce 100 programs to enjoy interacting with many of them. The concept of the project is to encourage them to take a new look at some aspects of Mito unknown even to the locals. Therefore, going beyond arts in a narrow sense, we shed new light on cultures ranging from the forgotten local heritages to people’s skills buried in obscurity. It will provide a great opportunity for the residents to reconsider Mito, with which they imagine that they are well acquainted, in a new perspective.

About CAFE in Mito
“CAFE in Mito,” which started in 2002, stands for the initials of “Communicable Action for Everybody.” With the objective to encourage many citizens to have interest in art and consequently help the city be revitalized, this project has presented various programs, introducing artworks in which visitors can participate, outdoor installations, and interactive events.

Artists exhibiting their works inside the gallery
Alexandre Dang, Chino Otsuka, Ai Sasaki, Nobuhiro Shimura, Katsuhiko Hibino, Aiko Miyanaga, Me, Karoku Yanagiya, Mai Yamashita+Naoto Kobayashi

Alexandre Dang
《Dancing Solar Flowers》 2015 Venue: Gallery Oldham(Manchester, United Kingdom)

Chino Otsuka
《Memoriography 1》 1982 and 2009 Paris, France photo

Katsuhiko Hibino
《Asatteasagao Project 2014 View of planting morning glory seedlings》 Participatory Project

Aiko Miyanaga
《Waiting for awakening -clock-》 2014 Naphthalene, resin, mixedmedia ©MIYANAGA Aiko Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

Ai Sasaki
《PALI》 2014 oil painting, canvas Photo: Tadasu Yamamoto

《Arrangement of Conditions》 2014 Mitsubishi-JishoARTIUM

Mai Yamashita+Naoto Kobayashi
《How to make a mountain sculpture - Japanese Mountains (Mt.Bandai)》 2012 Photo: Masaru Yanagiba ©Mai Yamashita+Naoto Kobayashi

Nobuhiro Shimura
《Dress》 2012/2015 photo: Ken Kato ©Courtesy of YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY

Karoku Yanagiya
《Original Can badge》

Jun Kitazawa
《Living Room》 Photo: Yuji Ito

Hirofumi Masuda
《Portrait for Maebashi Shokudo》 2013-2014 Arts Maebashi

Makiko Yamamoto
《Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History, Ookushi Shell Mounds (scale model, detail)》

Daniel Buren
Photo: kozo kaneda



CAFE in Mito R


Contemporary Art Gallery




9:30-18:00 (no admittance after 17:30)


On Mondays (except September 21 and October 12, public holidays), October 13


¥800 (¥600 for advance ticket and group of more than 20 people)
Free of charge for children under 9th grade, seniors over 65, the disabled and one accompanying attendant

One-year Pass

¥1000: High Teen Pass “H.T.P.” for youth between the ages of 15 and 19
¥2500: Adult Pass for those aged 20 and over

Organized by

Mito Arts Foundation

Grants from

Japan Foundation for Regional Art Activities, Japan Arts Fund

Support from

Asahi Breweries, Ltd., The Global Citizens Foundation for Worldwide Community Development, Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Junior Chamber International Mito, Mito 21 no kai

Curated by

Katsuhiko Hibino (Artist/CAFE in Mito R Project Director)
Asai Toshihiro (Artistic Director, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)

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Related program

Re MITO 100

August 1 (Sat.), 2015, to September 30 (Wed.), 2015

Re MITO 100
“Awareness in daily life”
The Mito citizens rediscover their beloved city.
In Mito, there are many day-to-day “happenings,” “things,” “places” and “people” to which the citizens might react as “something favorable,” “a good atmosphere,” or “comfortable.” There are probably places, which are unfamiliar to them as well as those they are attached to. The theme of “Re MITO 100,” which takes place in the city as a related project of “CAFE in Mito R,” is “awareness in daily life.” With one hundred collected examples of “awareness,” even if each case is subtle, the citizens will find Mito totally different from yesterday.
Katsuhiko Hibino, CAFE in Mito R Project Director


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