Asami Kiyokawa -- Bijo Saishu

November 3, 2011, to January 22, 2012

"Four Places-01"
Model: Yoko Maki

Asami Kiyokawa, an artist actively playing part in wide-ranging activities from art direction to production of artworks, gives a large-scale solo exhibition. Including her original works making good use of her handiwork, using thread and cloth as materials and photographs with embroidery, she has created quality works in different fields---clothing, space design, video, advertisement, illustration, etc. In her Bijo Saishu series, she collects beautiful women by photography and decorates them with embroidery or CG of animals and plants that remind her of that particular woman. This series has become her lifework. Along with her new series on the theme of extinct and endangered species, her new large-scale piece specially produced for this exhibition is on display.

Asami Kiyokawa PROFILE

Asami Kiyokawa, an artist who creates works using cloth and thread and embroidery on photographs, has many fans of different age groups for the unique world she creates. She is also actively working as an art director to produce many CD jackets and advertisements. Additionally she produces “Bijo Saishu” (FRaU/Kodansha Ltd.), in which actresses popular at the moment are turned to animals and plants, and co-produces the cover visual of “SUBARU” (Shueisha Inc.) serially with well-known writers. Her major books include “AKB48 x Bijo Saishu” (Kodansha Ltd.) and picture book “Night on the Galactic Express” (Little More). “Another Place” (Little More) is her latest book. She won a prize at VOCA 2010. Her group-exhibitions include “Stitch by Stitch, Traces I Made with Needle and Thread” (Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, 2009) and “Made by Hand, Hanae Mori and young artists” (Art Tower Mito, 2009).

Bijo Saishu
"Meisa Kuroki x horse" 2009

Bijo Saishu
"Rei Ayanami x cocoon" 2010 (c)color

Bijo Saishu
"Sae Issiki x fox" 2006

Another Place
"Butterflies" 2011

Another Place
"Box of Emperor Tamarin" 2011


Complex Series
"greed" 2009

Complex Series
"voice" 2007

Complex Series
"skin" 2007

Another Place
"Passenger Pigeon"



Asami Kiyokawa -- Bijo Saishu


Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito



Closing dates

Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a national holiday) *December 26 (Mon), 2011 - January 3 (Tue), 2012

Opening hours

9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (no admittance after 5:30 p.m.)


Adult ¥800, Advanced purchase and Group discount(more than 20 people) ¥600, Free: Under 15/Seniors over 65/Disabled pass holder and an attendant each/One year pass holders

Organized by

Mito Arts Foundation

Grant from

Asahi Beer Arts Foundation

In cooperation with

Asahi Breweries Ltd., Oki Data Corporation, SWAROVSKI JAPAN LTD. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Curated by

Toshihiro Asai (Artistic Director, Contemporary Art Center, ATM)

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