Re MITO 100

August 1 (Sat.), 2015, to September 30 (Wed.), 2015

Re MITO 100
“Awareness in daily life”
The Mito citizens rediscover their beloved city.
In Mito, there are many day-to-day “happenings,” “things,” “places” and “people” to which the citizens might react as “something favorable,” “a good atmosphere,” or “comfortable.” There are probably places, which are unfamiliar to them as well as those they are attached to. The theme of “Re MITO 100,” which takes place in the city as a related project of “CAFE in Mito R,” is “awareness in daily life.” With one hundred collected examples of “awareness,” even if each case is subtle, the citizens will find Mito totally different from yesterday.
Katsuhiko Hibino, CAFE in Mito R Project Director 

Re MITO 100 Guide
Since last November, Hibino and Mito residents have worked together on the project repeating workshops and meetings. They found out what was little known outside of the city, and planned 100 events including on-site tours such as “Let’s turn off the light to look up at the stars,” and “Let’s go to paradise,” as well as guided tours to noted places and workshops.
Collected 100 cases will be published together with an information map and the schedule of events in our planned guidebook by the time of the exhibition. Guidebooks will be available free of charge at machi no eki (town station) and Art Tower Mito.
Please rediscover Mito with this guidebook in your hand.

Artists exhibiting their works outside the gallery
Jun Kitazawa, Hirofumi Masuda, Makiko Yamamoto

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