Terunobu Fujimori: Architecture with Nature, and "ROJO"

Fuji's Tea Gathering—green tea meeting

March 19 (Sun.), 2017, to May 14 (Sun.), 2017

A tea ceremony is held in a new teahouse designed by Fujimori. Matcha (powdered green tea) is prepared by Mito-based tea master Sadaharu Sakai, and Taneya sweets are served.

●Host: Sadaharu Sakai, tea master of Urasenke school
●Date: March 19 (Sun); April 2 (Sun), 16 (Sun); May 7 (Sun), 14 (Sun) 
●Time: 13:30~/15:00~
●Fee: ¥500 (Additional exhibition ticket is necessary.)
●Capacity: Five guests for each gathering (Numbered tickets are given at the ticket office from 9:30 on the day.)

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