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Activity to invigorate downtown Mito

“Flip Book Manga Shopping Streets in Mito”

August 8 (Fri.), 2014, to October 19 (Sun.), 2014

Having walked around the central city area of Mito to find interesting buildings and objects, Yasuhiro Suzuki turns them into his “flip book manga” for the display at stores in the area.
*Note: It is scheduled that “Flip Book Manga” is performed at “Yasuhiro Suzuki’s lab of mitate (likening)” exhibition to be held from Saturday, September 13 to Monday, November 24 at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Contact Details: Tel. 076-220-2800(21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Dates:August to October
Venues:Various sites in Mito City, as well as Art Tower Mito
Organizers:Mito Arts Foundation
Cooperation:Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry,local retail stores and dining facilities, etc.


Street Exhibition “Coffee & Art” Vol.2 Emi Nakata

November 30 (Sat.), 2013, to January 26 (Sun.), 2014

Emi Nakata“yosuga”

This exhibition project takes place in various coffees and restaurants located between Mito Station and the Contemporary Art Museum. Curators of the Contemporary Art center made a selection of works by young artists for this project. Not also will this provide a new space for introducing young artists, but it will also connect the daily lifes of locals with art and create a vibrant flow of people in the city and the museum.


Katsuhiko Hibino

Asatte Asagao Project Mito 2013 Harvest Festival

November 9 (Sat.), 2013, to November 9 (Sat.), 2013

Date:Saturday, November 9, 10:00-17:00
Venue:Upstairs of corridor, Art Tower Mito, Mito Keisei
Fee:Free *Meet the artist upstairs of the ATM corridor
Organized by:Asatte Asagao Project Executive Committee, Mito Arts Foundation
Special cooperation: Mito21 Group
Supports from: Asahi Breweries,Ltd. , Mito Agricultural High School, Mito Keisei,
MITO Junior Chamber Inc.


Katsuhiko Hibino HIBINO CUP

August 17 (Sat.), 2013

VenueArt Tower Mito (ATM) Plaza

HIBINO CUP began as a related event of Hibino’s solo exhibition "HIBINO EXPO 2005 (Hibino Katsuhiko’s One-man Exposition)" held at Art Tower Mito in 2005, in which workshop by Hibino and soccer tournament were combined.


Katsuhiko Hibino: "Asatte Asagao Project Mito 2013"

Field Demarcation and Seedling Planting Ceremony

June 2 (Sun.), 2013


The annual Asatte Asagao Project to plant asagao (morning glory) seedlings, which has now spread nationwide, began in 2005 at Art Tower Mito with a solo exhibition held by Katsuhiko Hibino. With each passing year, the project has enhanced communication among the local people involved in raising the seedlings, strengthening the bonds of the community.



Street Exhibition "Coffee & Art"

vol.1 Hidekazu Tanaka

April 13 (Sat.), 2013, to May 12 (Sun.), 2013

positive listening
2012 oil on canvas 46 x 38cm
photo by Takuma Hidehira

The most recent project in the series is "Coffee & Art," in which the artworks of aspiring young artists will be displayed in five different eating and drinking establishments along the route between Mito Station and Art Tower Mito.
The project will be held two or three times annually. Besides giving young artists the opportunity to display their creations, it will provide the opportunity for citizens to experience art in their daily lives. It also aims to connect the Mito downtown with Art Tower Mito through an increased flow of people, boosting the town's level of activity.

The first featured artist in the "Coffee & Art" project is Hidekazu Tanaka, an abstract painter who incorporates the methods of music remixing in his works.


Art Meets Cinema vol.1

February 17 (Sun.), 2013

VenueACM Theater, Art Tower Mito
Ticket only for film 1,000 Special combination ticket (film+exhibition) 1,600

Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito will launch a new project in collaboration with Non Profit Organization chinemapunch. As a special program of the 27th Mito Film Festival, we will present “Kono Sora no Hana”(directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, 2012) which has been highly acclaimed by contemporary art lovers as well as cinema fan.

Date: Sunday, February 17, 2013 15:00-
Venue: ACM Theater, Art Tower Mito
Price: Ticket only for film 1,000 Special combination ticket (film+exhibition) 1,600
Advanced ticket will be available from Friday, January 11, 2013 at Entrance Hall Ticket Counter in Art Tower Mito.
Organizers: Mito Arts Foundation, Non Profit Organization cinemapunch

Katsuhiko Hibino

"Asatte Asagao Mito 2012 Harvest Festival"

November 10 (Sat.), 2012

VenueATM Plaza

Date: Saturday, November 10, 10:00-17:00
Venue: Plaza, Art Tower Mito, Mito Keisei
Fee: Free
Meet the artist at the Plaza
Organized by: Assate Asagao Project Mito, Mito Arts Foundation
Grants from: Asahi Group Arts Foundation
Supports from: Asahi Breweries,Ltd. , Mito Agricultural High School, Mito Keisei,
MITO Junior Chamber Inc.

Activity to invigorate downtown Mito

SOYA ASAE “Water Road”

October 18 (Thu.), 2012, to November 6 (Tue.), 2012

Photo:Mieko Matsumoto

For the second year in a row, several works by the contemporary artist Asae SOYA, including "Water Road," will be exhibited at various sites around Mito City, along with those by other artists.

Venues:Various sites within Mito City, Art Tower Mito
Organizers:Mito Chamber of Commerce and MeToo Promotion Room, Mito Arts Foundation
Cooperation: Local retail stores and eating establishments, etc.

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