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Make a Polyhedron Using Origami! A Beautiful Decorative Paper Ball

Through the kindness of Dai-Nippon Tosho, we reprint here in entirety the color page at the end of the textbook used in Mr. Otsu's class (Junior High School Mathematics I, New Version, approved by Ministry of Education on January 31, 1996, 4 Dai-Nippon Mathematics 709)


The decorative paper ball at left is a component made by folding several pieces of square origami paper.
(See the next page for instructions on how to make it.)
Needed to make the figure are 6 pieces of Paper A, 12 pieces of Paper B, and 30 pieces of Paper C.

Paper A Solid figure

Paper B 24-sided figure

Paper C 60-sided figure

Use each side of an icosahedron (20-sided figure) as a base, and then paste a triangular pyramid made of right-angled isosceles triangles on the faces.


Making the decorative paper ball.

-- - -- - -- Outward folds
--- --- --- Inward folds

Making the part

(1) Fold along the center line.

(2) Make an outward fold, and fold it toward the center.

(3) Fold (1) and (2) toward the bottom.

(4) Attach the lines of the outward and inward folds.

(5) The part is finished.


(1) Insert Part B inside the bag portion of Part A.

(2) Insert Part C in Part B.

(3) The result of combining A, B, and C is shown at right.
By continuing to assemble the parts in the same way, you can create the decorative paper ball shown below. Solid figure: 3 colors x 2 pieces each = 6 pieces of paper
24-sided figure: 3 colors x 4 pieces each = 12 pieces of paper
60-sided figure: 30 pieces of various colored paper

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