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MCO The 48th Regular Concert
Interview with Maestro Trevor Pinnock

-- The concerts under your direction in November 1999 were well received by large audience. It is great pleasure and honor for us to invite you again to the podium of the Mito Chamber Orchestra. How did you feel about the last concerts and the Mito Chamber Orchestra ?

Trevor Pinnock (TP): "I greatly enjoyed working with the fine musicians of the Mito Chamber Orchestra. Together we produced some fine music."

-- How did you feel about the audience and the hall in Mito at that time ?

TP: "I found the Mito hall a good place for the music of Haydn and Mozart. The audience was warm and friendly and responsive to the music."

-- In the last concerts, the program was built by 2 Haydn's pieces and 1 Mozart's symphony. Then this time, all Mozart program is given from you. Could you please tell me your idea or concept about the program, and a intensity of your respect for Mozart ?

TP: "I have chosen strongly contrasting symphonies and interspersed them with fine arias. Mozart's genius has left us music which speaks as strongly today as it did in his own times. Through it we can share in the mysteries which go far beyond words."

-- You conduct modern instrument orchestras like our orchestra, as well as period instrument orchestras like your English Concert. What is your thought about the subject of the instruments in playing an early or classical music ?

TP: "Music is music, instruments are instruments."

-- Some conductors adopt the way of playing the period instruments into the modern orchestras. But I felt that you created dynamic and delicate music from our orchestra putting a good points of the modern instruments to use at the last time. We would like to know your thought in case you conduct a modern orchestra.

TP: "Each orchestra has the possibility of a unique and special sound. The challenge to me as conductor is to help the orchestra find a sound which serves the music and is at the same time a true and natural voice of the orchestra. Whether an orchestra uses period or modern instruments I simply try to find the best sound for that orchestra."

-- You will bring Ms. Monica Bacelli, mezzo-soprano. Her biography tells us her great activities in the first class opera houses in Europe. Could you please introduce her to the Mito audience ?

TP: "Monica Bacelli is one of the new rising stars on the opera stage. I had the pleasure of working with her earlier this year and, consequently, asked her to join me in Mito as I felt that she would be appreciated by both orchestra and public."

-- You will play the Steinway Piano in Scena and Aria K.505. I think it is rare for you, a celebrated harpsichordist, to play the piano in our time ?

TP: "It is indeed rare for me to play Steinway piano but I love Mozart's aria with piano obbligato, 'Ch'io mi scordi di te', and I could not resist this opportunity."

-- May I have your message to the Mito audience looking very much forward to the concerts in this November ?

TP: "My last visit to Mito left me with happy feelings. I look forward eagerly to my return, to the pleasure of meeting the orchestra again, to the friendly audience and to some wonderful hours with Mozart."

-- Thank you very much.

Interviewer: Tetsuya Sekine, producer, Concert Hall ATM, Art Tower Mito
Cooperation: Kajimoto Ongaku Jimusho

Mito Chamber Orchestra is greatfully supported by substantial contributions from Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Supported by: Zaidanhojin Genden Fureai Ibaraki Zaidan

Cooperation: All Nippon Airways (ANA)

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