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Entrance Hall

The entrance hall serves as the common entrance lobby for ATM visitors attending concerts, plays and exhibitions.

Modeled after the style of a European church, the lofty space of the entrance hall features an organ on the second floor.

The hall was designed to fulfill two major purposes. As the normal entrance into the buildings of the ATM complex, the space allows visitors to pass freely from the east and the west.

When its movable doors are closed, the hall also serves as a pipe organ concert hall, with its excellent acoustics reverberating with organ music.

The pipe organ on the second floor was built by two Japanese certified as masters after training in Germany. It is one of the largest instruments of its kind in Japan.

Every weekend, free organ concerts -- the Organ Promenade Concerts -- are held in the hall to let people enjoy its unique sound.

Note: Because of the heavy damage sustained by the pipe organ in the March 11 earthquake, the promenade concerts will restart once repairs have been made.

Purpose: Common lobby, and hall for organ concerts
Size: 7m (23ft) wide, not counting 2.4m (8ft) wide corridors on each side,
22m (72ft) deep and 11m (36ft) high
Seating Capacity: 300 seats (all removable)
Reverberation Time: 5.8 sec (empty hall) 2.6 sec (full house)
Organ: Manufactured by MaNa Orgelbau AG (Japan)
46 stops, 3,283 pipes (80 settings can be electronically stored)
"white keys" made from natural granadilla, "black keys" from cow bone, radial foot pedals (all German standard specifications)
Organ casing made from North American white oak

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