Introduction to Traditional Performing Arts (Rakugo)

Yanagiya Rakugo Sannin-kai

(Three-person Meeting)

June 4 (Sat.), 2016, to June 4 (Sat.), 2016


Performed by: Yanagiya Sankyo, Yanagiya Kyotaro, Yanagiya Sansuke, et al.

In the spring of 2015, Yanagiya San-ya (b. 1975), a rakugo artist from Hitachi Ohta City (Ibaraki) who performed "Rakugo+Mystery: "The Gentle Reaper" two years ago for ATM's Future Support Project, was promoted to the position of shin'uchi, the highest rank among rakugo storytellers, also acquiring the new stage name of "Yanagiya Sansuke." He will perform the Yanagiya Sannin-kai (Three-person Meeting) at ACM Theatre together with his teacher, Yanagiya Sankyo (b. 1948), and Yanagiya Kyotaro (b. 1963), another apprentice to Sankyo but who ranks above Sansuke in status.

Yanagiya Sankyo

Yanagiya Kyotaro

Yanagiya Sansuke

[All seats reserved]S¥3,500 A¥3,000 B¥2,500

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