Future Support Project Vol.7

Muriyari Doctor

You're Forcing Me to Be a Doctor!?

July 16 (Sat.), 2016, to July 18 (Mon.), 2016


Original work: Moliere (1622-73, France)
Adapted and directed by: Ritsuo Toshima
Performed by: Takuji Kobayashi, Gekidan ACM, Ken'ichi Kawasaki, Marino (Mito's local "idol"), et al.

A side-splitting comedy based on the masterpiece by the French comic dramatist Moliere, and transposed to a contemporary Japanese setting. Several younger actors active on the Ibaraki dramatic scene in will gather at ACM Theatre, along with Marino, Mito's local "idol," to present an energetic play.

Takuji Kobayashi

Marina Fujita

Chisato Suzuki


Mito's local "idol"

Ken'ichi Kawasaki

Takashi Sawada

Gekidan ACM

Yuusuke Kobayashi

Gekidan ACM

Matomo Ouchi

Gekidan ACM

Ryo Shiotani

Gekidan ACM

Ritsuo Toshima

Gekidan ACM

[All seats reserved]S¥3,000 A¥2,500 B¥2,000 U-25(For the person under 25 years old / Seat S)¥2,500

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