End of the RAINBOW

July 30 (Sat.), 2016


Playwright: Peter Quilter (U.K.)
Directed by: Ikko Ueda
Performed by: Mao Ayabuki, Ryosei Konishi, Souma Suzuki, Ken'ichiro Teramoto

A moving play about the waning years of the American singer and actress Judy Garland (1922-69). It depicts the drama of Judy -who, despite the ravages of alcohol and drugs, which were eating away her body and soul, continued to perform on stage in order to repay massive debts- as well as the love and calculations of the men around her. Mao Ayabuki (b. 1973), a former top star of the all-female Takarazuka acting and singing troupe, captivates audiences by belting out famous numbers that Judy used to sing, while convincingly reenacting the tragic figure's travails.

[All seats reserved]S¥6,000 A¥5,000 B¥3,500

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