Family Musical

Pinocchio and the Tragedy of Snow White

July 28 (Fri.), 2017, to July 30 (Sun.), 2017


An updated version of the Pinocchio story developed by the prolific Japanese director Amon Miyamoto (b. 1958). He will bring a veritable array of fairy-tale characters into contact with Pinocchio, played by Mari Okonogi, to produce a festive, entertaining stage in his eminently "Amon-like" fashion. The musical presents a fantasy underscored by a gamut of musical styles, uniting the audience with the players in a fun-filled way that will instigate wild excitement among the children present.

[All seats reserved]Child¥1,000(Under 18 years old) Adult¥2,000

7/28(Fri) Start 15:00, Open 14:30
7/29(Sat) Start 11:00, Open 10:30 | Start 15:00, Open 14:30
7/30(Sun) Start 11:00, Open 10:30

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