Shakko: Crossroads of 1965

November 23 (Thu.), 2017, to November 26 (Sun.), 2017


Mito Performance of "Shakko: Crossroads of 1965"
Playwright: Takeshi Furukawa (Gekidan Chokolate Cake)
Director: Masanori Takahashi (Bungakuza)
Actors: Yoshimasa Kondo, Ryuichi Tsukuba, Ayumu Nakajima, Keiji Fukushi, Taeko Gomi, Haruka Shibuya

Whenever a historical review is made of the big crimes of Japan's Showa Period (1926-1989), reference is made without fail to the famous Yoshinobu-chan case, namely, the kidnapping and murder of the four-year-old Yoshinobu Murakoshi in Tokyo on March 31, 1963. The dramatic resolution of the case was accomplished by the police detective Hachibe Hiratsuka, who hailed from Tsuchiura City in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The play, realized through the solid acting by Yoshimasa Kondo, Ayumu Nakajima, and the rest of the cast, minutely focuses on the decisive ten-day period of investigations leading up to the crime's resolution two years after the kidnapping. The clock is inexorably ticking toward the end of the permissible detention period; will the investigators be able to do their job on time? The playwright Takeshi Furukawa and director Masanori Takahashi have combined forces for the first time to produce an unmissable dramatic work in an orthodox style that has become the talk of the Japanese dramatic world.

Yoshimasa Kondou

Ryuichi Tsukuba

Ayumu Nkajima

Keiji Fukushi

Taeko Gimi

Haruka Shibuya

[All seats reserved]

11/23 (Thu, Labour Thanksgiving national holiday)Start 14:00, Open 13:30
11/24(Fri)Start 14:00, Open 13:30
11/25(Sat) Start 14:00, Open 13:30 | Start 18:30, Open 18:00
11/26(Sun) Start 14:00, Open 18:30

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