Introducing Traditional Performing Arts

Mito Performance of Yorozu Kyogen

September 23 (Sat.), 2017


The history of the Nomura Manzo family of Kyogen artists stretches back more than three centuries, when it was sponsored by the Maeda clan in the Kaga domain (currently Kanazawa Prefecture). So-called yorozu kyogen was launched to pass down those traditions and develop them further.
The upcoming ATM performance includes a lecture in how to appreciate customary kyogen more deeply and enjoyably, followed by a performance of two kyogen works.
Playing opposite each other will be the "living national treasure" Man Nomura (b. 1930) and his second son, the 9th Manzo Nomura (b. 1965).

[All seats reserved]S¥4,500 A¥4,000 B¥3,500
Sept. 23, 2017 (Sat, Autumnal Equinox national holiday)

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