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Educational Activities
Contemporary Art Gallery


Gallery Tour for Family with Babies

In this guided gallery tour, participants can enjoy the exhibition together with museum guides and volunteers while looking after the infants.

Pre-school Program

This project is a combined program of appreciation of the exhibition and production workshop designed for older children of kindergartens and nursery schools in Mito City.

kodomo korabo rabo(Children's Collaboration Laboratory)

A workshop for children and families during the summer holidays.

Art Bus

This project is a combined program of appreciation of the exhibition and workshop for expressing one’s feelings in words, designed for elementary and junior high school children in Mito City. The art center provides a shuttle bus for the transit service of participants. They are divided into small groups, and each group makes a guided tour with trained staff, mostly university students.

Weekend Gallery Talk

CAC (Contemporary Art Center) gallery volunteer talkers guide visitors to explore the exhibition together.

Curator Talk

The curator of the exhibition talk about the exhibition.

Session! - Gallery Tour with the visually impaired

This tour, which is guided by SHIRATORI Kenji, who is blind, has been held since 2010. Formed into a pair or group of a mixture of blind or partially sighted individuals and people of normal vision, participants are invited to experience the exhibition by sharing thoughts and impression through a conversation.