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Art Tower Mito (ATM)

Art Tower Mito (ATM), symbolized by the 100-meter-tall metal tower that stands in its plaza, is a comprehensive cultural facility divided into three sections: a concert hall, a theater, and a gallery for contemporary art. Having opened in 1990 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mito's designation as an official city, the ATM complex has served as the venue for a wide variety of planned events, including musical concerts, dramatic productions, and art exhibitions featuring both Japanese and foreign artists. In addition, it has broadened the scope of its mission to act as a base for locally-produced cultural activities. In the future, ATM will continue to be a locus of creative activities, transmitting artistic culture from Mito to the rest of the world.

Concert Hall ATM

A hall offering an ideal acoustic environment for classical music performances, the Concert Hall ATM has been the site for various types of concerts, highlighted by the regular concerts performed by ATM's exclusive orchestra, the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO), which has the famed Seiji OZAWA as its musical director.

ACM Theatre

The ACM Theatre is designed so that every seat offers the audience a detailed view of the actors' facial expressions. Besides the performances given by ATM's resident Acting Company Mito (ACM) and those by noteworthy actors and directors, the ACM Theatre also holds various programs to cultivate dramatic productions by amateur actors from the local community.

Contemporary Art Gallery

A gallery with nine display rooms featuring differing sizes and lighting conditions, the Contemporary Art Gallery has garnered attention from art aficionados both in Japan and abroad for the creative exhibitions it has organized.


Built as ATM's symbol, the spiral geometric tower standing in the middle of the ATM complex had its height set at 100 meters to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mito's becoming an official city. The interior of the tower features a circular glass-paneled elevator that takes visitors up to the observation floor at the 86-meter level.

Entrance Hall

A common entrance lobby for everyone visiting ATM, the open atrium space of the ATM Entrance Hall features a grand pipe organ. Free noontime or early afternoon organ concerts are given three or four times a month on weekends.


A square to provide respite within the city, the ATM Plaza allows visitors of all ages to enjoy a broad range of events, including flea markets, etc. In the summer, outdoor concerts are put on in the Plaza.

Museum shop"Contrepoint"

The shop offers exhibition catalogs, original postcards and posters, as well as books and CDs related to current special exhibits or performances. There are also fashionable accessories and small items available.


*Business hours are subject to change.
Closed on museum closing day

Coffee Lounge: Saza Coffee Art Tower Mito

Take a break from an art exhibition and feel free to drop in, or just use the coffee shop as a meeting spot or a place to relax.
Saza Coffee also offers a variety of other drinks and desserts to match all tastes.

Conference Hall

To the southwest of the ATM complex in its own separate building is an annex for conferences, forums, and the like.


Pay parking is available on the basement level of Art Tower Mito.
Free for 30 min.,¥200 for an hour and ¥100 for every additional 30 min. Open from 7:00 to 23:00.

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