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Christian Boltanski

November 23 (Fri.),1990,to January 27 (Sun.),1991

Christian Boltanski Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito photo: Hiroshi Narita

Christian Boltanski's first solo exhibition in Japan was planned and realized at ICA, Nagoya and subsequently at Art Tower Mito.
The artist visited both sites and produced installations matching them respectively. Personal belongings sealed up in tin boxes, "Monument" that resembled an altar by combining electric bulbs with repeatedly copieded hazy portraits of children, angelic silhouettes gliding on the surface of a high ceiling, and human figures looming up in candlelights - Boltanski's spiritual world brought forth a kind of awe-inspiring space while treating life and death in human surroundings. An installation composed of large quantities of clothes contributed by Mito citizens made the exhibition's climax, suggesting an absence of humanity or a holocaust.



Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito


November 23 (Fri.),1990,to January 27 (Sun.),1991

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Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a national holiday)

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9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (no admittance after 6:00 p.m.)


Adult ¥800, Advanced purchase and Group discount(more than 20 people) ¥600, Admission Free: Child aged under 15/Senior Citizen over 65/Disabled pass holder and an attendant each/One year pass holders

Organized by

Art Tower Mito, ICA Nagoya

Supported by

Embassy of France

Curated by

Yuko Hasegawa (Curator, Contemporary Art Center,ATM)


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2. Gavin Bryars Live at the Boltanski Exhibition
"The Sinking of the Titanic"

Date: December 22
Players: Gavin Bryars, Balanescu Quartet, and others

1. Lecture "Christian Boltanski - Life and Works"

Date: November 23
Lecturer: Lynn Gumpert (art critic)