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Concert Hall ATM

ATM's Music Division carries out various programs to bring local people into closer familiarity with music, such as dress rehearsals and an assortment of seminars, as well as performances and workshops targeted at people of all generations.


Organ Concert for Toddlers

A concert targeted at mothers with young toddlers, as their childcare duties normally prevent them from attending concerts. The lecturer is the organist Miki Asai, esteemed for her Organ Concerts for Pre-school Children that are held throughout the year at Art Tower Mito.
Playing on the positive organ (a small, one-manual pipe organ) in Concert Hall ATM, she designe a program that babies are sure to delight in.

Organ Tour for Preschoolers

An enjoyable educational tour about Art Tower Mito's organ, aimed at preschoolers and kindergarteners living in Mito. During the tour they get the chance to familiarize themselves with the organ by touching its pipes and keyboard, making sounds with the organ as they do so. They also enjoy organ performances as well as the organ-accompanied choral works. About 1,400 children will participate in this program this year. 

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) Concert for Children

MCO will present a concert to some 2,600 children from Mito and surrounding municipalities, giving them the thrill of experiencing live classical music performances first-hand. They will include fifth graders from elementary schools, as well as pupils from schools for the visulally impaired and those for disabled children. The program will include explanations and introductions about each instruments, letting the students have fun while enjoying the magnificence of the music.

Main sponsers: Mito Arts Foundation, Mito City Board of Education Co-sponsors: Genden Fureai Ibaraki Foundation

Instrumental Seminar by MCO Members for Students

With the double aim of honing the performance skills of the students in Ibaraki, and of getting MCO members to mix with the community, the MCO holds the instrumental seminars for children living in Ibaraki. The children attending the seminar study performance techniques, ensemble formation, and the role of individual instruments.

Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) Public rehearsal for students

Mito Chamber Orchestra exposes the students to rehearse for free and let them experience how musicians create the music.

Mito City Elementary & Junior High School Students Concert

A concert featuring bands, instrumental ensembles, and choruses from elementary and junior high schools located in Mito City. It provides the opportunity for local people to enjoy the fruits of their children's many hours of practice.

Concert for Junior High School Students

A concert program giving junior high school students the chance to familiarize themselves with music, featuring performances and explanations by members of the Mito Chamber Orchestra (MCO) et al. Every year around 2,000 7th-graders from Mito participate.

Co-organizer: Mito City Board of Education

Organ Lectures for Citizens

These lectures target the citizens with some experience performing on the piano and other keyboard instruments, training them in organ performance techniques so as to get them to enjoy the pleasure of playing the organ. They will take around ten lessons in all. The lessons will be carefully crafted to match the skill level of each student. There is also a one-day special "experience course". The lecturer will be the organist Motoko Murozumi, who once served as the chief producer of ATM's music division.

Choral Seminar

A seminar designed for local lovers of choral singing. The half-day program features lectures by top-flight teachers and a rehearsal of compulsory works.

Main Sponsors: Mito Arts Foundation, Ibaraki Prefecture Choral Federation, Music Division of the Ibaraki Prefecture High School Education Research Group